Web Application Security

Is Security That Important?

Let's review the Top 5 Hacker Attacks

Not particularly a hack, your website’s front-facing view is taken over by a hacker’s malicious data, usually driving the viewers to their site or threatening to take over your domain.

This is where your website is removed from search engin results.  In most cases, your site gets the WARNING: THIS IS AN UNSAFE SITE message which deters visitors away.

Malware is a nasty little bugger.  It’s an extremely common way that hackers steal sensitive data from you and your customers, create backdoors to your space that you’re unaware of, and alert other hackers of the existence of the backdoor so they can further victimize you.

Exploits, or vulnerability strategies are use when you have a weak area of your site or there is an outdated CMS or plugin.  Very common areas to check are your database and file upload functionality.

Ever seen a site go EXTREMELY slow or even crash constantly?  This is the work of the nastiest of attacks,  the DDoS, short for Distributed Denial Of Service